We help our clients to achieve their strategic and financial goals by providing various services. We advise customers of all businesses sizes and small domestic deals up to cross border complex transactions. Our professionals and business partners have network and the ability to support in a global market with detailed local market knowledge and experience.

In addition to that we have close relations within finance and investment communities of debt and equity providers globally.

Our services include strategic advisory & business development; merger & acquisition; equity and debt services including corporate financing, project and real estate financing; real estate sales/purchase; restructuring and transaction process advisory. In Corporate Finance we advise our customers on raising or expanding equity and debt capital. We also support in structuring the capital.

Strategic Consulting/Business Development

We create long-term value for our clients with business development and strategic consulting in local market and cross border activities. With our local knowledge and network in different countries, we do detailed market analysis, building and implement new roadmaps for new business opportunities. Given the current world economic development, we have specialized ourselves within Asian markets with a focus on India, Japan, China, South Korea and Middle Eastern countries.

We also assist our clients in enhancing market performance by leveraging our technical, industrial know how combining both financial expertise and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Merger & Acquisition

We help your business with all acquisitions and disinvestment related activities.

We assist you in followings:
   •    Joint Venture (national or international)
   •    Selling company
   •    Buying company
   •    Carve-out
   •    Management buy-out (MBO)
   •    Merger
   •    A succession solution
   •    All transactions matter related to M&A activities.

Equity and Debt Financing

We help our clients in all capital related matters. We have strong relation with banks, lending funds, various investors groups globally. We support you in managing your liabilities in balance sheet, raising new capital, new growth capital, corporate financing, project financing, real estate financing, recapitalization, debt restructuring. Also with our relations with investors (High net worth individual, VC, PE, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, infrastructure funds etc.) we support in equity raising and investment.

Our team consists of experienced bankers, who help in all transaction matters related to debt and equity raising which may assist in preparation to pitch book, due diligence or even taking first contact with bank or investor.

Real Estate

We assist our real estate clients in disinvestment and acquisition of assets. In addition to that we support in real estate financing matters.

We help you with the following real estate business:
   •    Analyzing and structuring portfolio
   •    Support in transaction matter
   •    Contacting real estate investors and financing community.
   •    Assist in preparation of relevant information memorandum
   •    Restructuring the portfolio
   •    Support in due diligence
   •    Negotiation and signing contract


We help our clients in restructuring the business, it can be at a financial or operational level. Our team and alliance partners are experts in technical matters, industries experts and finance. Our focus remains to maximize the value for stakeholder.

Our customer may need support in financial structuring matters which can be in capital structure, covenant reset, debt buy back, or equity matters.

We support in operational matters, which can be underperforming business unit locally or cross border. The issue can be relating to high cost, loss in market share due to various reasons, product obsolescence or management issue. Our team and partners have industry knowledge and multi-functional working experience in local and multinational transactions.

Transaction Advisory

We help our clients in transaction, which can be in due diligence services, valuation, business memorandum or cost structure.

Under due diligence services, we support in commercial due diligence, financial due diligence, operational due diligence and IT due diligence.

Commercial due diligence: Under this we analysis strategically point of view starting with fundament attractiveness. Where does client stand with their peer group considering revenue, cost, operation etc. Value creation for client remains the center point.

Financial due diligence: Here we support in working capital analysis, project cost, and financial worthiness of project or investment.

Operational due diligence: We support in business plan analysis with the view of operation and financial point. It can be manufacturing and operational, supply chain, procurement, lean management, sales/marketing and human resource. Also we assist in post-merger integration.

IT Due Diligence: As the world is moving towards more and more virtual activities, the right IT infrastructure becomes an issue with business leaders. We support IT technology and investment matter with the help of IT partners we assist in IT technology choice and human resource. In addition to that we support in valuation and scope of investment analysis.